I am a recent graduate from a master’s course that I did not pay for. Having gotten use to being paid a living allowance to basically write- or actively avoid writing as the case may or may not have been-  I now want to pursue blogging to boost writing skills, gain experience in doing what I love which is observing some of the best facilitators of human creativity, whether that be in filmmaking, music, arts, writing, journalism, painting, cooking, telling jokes or whatever I feel like writing about.

I also try and read widely on political issues and philosophies as I believe that it is our responsibility as members of the human race to try and come together to work out how we can all get along with each and work towards the betterment of all. And I know that sounds hippyish and weird and could possibly make you do the easy thing; dismiss what I say and just think of me as a “flowers in his hair, running around barefoot in a field kind-of-guy.”

But come on, man! This shit is starting to get serious now. It is not the 1960s anymore. People were shouting and making a fuss about problems in the world, and the Mums and Dads of the time responded by saying, “What the heck are those kids making all the ruckus about? There’s so much damn oil in the ground, we’re good forever, who cares if a few people far away from me are busy dying?”

But the stakes are getting really high now damn it! The world has a rising and aging population, a power crisis, massive inequality across the globe, staggering debts and arbitrary economic measures of success, a primary reliance on fossil fuels for energy-an ever depleting resource- and a rising global temperature that could irreversibly fuck up the planet forever.

But wait no I’m sorry. I’m just a loony lefty so I’ll be sure to pipe on down to the hole everybody else is in and wait for the inevitable because I’m powerless like everyone else.

Display your useless and pointless knowledge below

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