Daily Prompt: Banned

via Daily Prompt: Banned

Free speech is misused day to day,

Misused by those I don’t agree with anyway,

So say all when it comes to play their hand,

On the mismatched views on which their principles stand,

The notion of free ideas can surely not withstand

The tirade of contradictions of that which is or is not banned

You may not believe in left wing ideals

Lest become the victim of neoliberal’s boot heel

It is one thing to say to say you do not agree

But to under-substantiate your critique in any degree

Is to wrestle in the bowls of truth’s honesty










National Poetry Day 2016- My Poem


The Ocean’s Skin

Somebody suggests a different way to fix what is wrong

And all of the newspapers scuff scoffs and scorn

They say stick to the path and keep to the norm

They say you can only idolise that which is already born

The paupers are happy with their unbuttered corn

Money once again has sung, talked and sworn-

And then you notice one day that theme park sheen

Increasingly shapes and morphs the machine

And somebody peels back the ocean’s skin

And takes a peek at what lies within

He says I’ve seen it and it ends not with a bang but a whimper

And his mother says, you rascal, you faggot you swine, you tinker

The bouncer on the door, more than just his pitbull face

He’s observed and critiqued ideas of creed, purpose and race

Melinda takes drugs for the angst of being alive

Drugs to broaden the horizons of her mind

Her baby’s weight, more story than flesh

She drags upon her post-birth cigarette

Because there’s no room for nuance when you’re pressed against the wall

Why listen and change when there’s no point at all

Such as Gordon, who tries to be a moral man,

But old blind Bill led him by the hand,

He said take a look down yonder at the foundation of sand

That lays at the church’s foundations

And concede that God has left an emancipated nation

I’d love to contemplate it all, but I don’t have the patience